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[17 Mar 2006|10:30am]

In case you don't know, the first season of the incredible new Doctor Who series will be making its US television premier tonight on the Sci-Fi channel. They'll be showing the first two episodes, "Rose" and "The End of the World", beginning at 9pm EST. If you have good taste and enjoy shows such as Battlestar Galactica or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you should watch it. The creator, Russel T. Davies drew upon these shows for inspiration and he's also the big 'mo behind the only Queer as Folk anyone should ever talk about, the original. Because of his affliction, the new Doctor Who has lots of fun gay stuff in it that is rarely found in science fiction. You will not regret it you may even end up using BitTorrent to [illegally?] obtain the second season when it airs on BBC 1 in April.

This concludes my public service announcement, you may now return to your regularly scheduled activities. I know I will, and that means more Tivo'd King of the Hill, touching myself, possibly some ceramics, and definitely some lesson planning.
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[07 Mar 2006|01:41pm]
I'm feeling unfocused, unwashed, and chilly today so I'm following in the foot steps of some great ladies and posting a picture of my desk. Maybe now I can muster the energy to drive to Chamblee and buy more terra cotta.


A - A teacher's sample for a lesson plan.
B - Part of the display for the same lesson plan. This has been turned in and is now classified as "trash."
C - A brooch.
D - Time magazine, saved to read the story about rapes and suspicious disappearances aboard cruise ships.
E - Without You I'm Nothing DVD, watched frequently.
F - Cone 04 Terra Cotta test tiles. They're decorated with Amaco Gold Lustre, K & L Clear (shitted), and white slip.
G - Mouse pad from Body Worlds.
H - Lucite tape dispenser and stapler set that worked out better in theory than in practice.
I - Lego "supercomputer", modeled after the type I made as a child, for use in annotated paintings.
J - Skull latch hook rug.
K - John Currin print out, which should be thrown away or taken down because it looks dumb.
L - Banana, oil on canvas.
M - Human anatomy toy, one of 19, purchased from the Dollar Tree.
N - Boxers from J-Crew, a Christmas gift from mom. They sit atop a pile containing: watercolor pencils, crayons, shitted markers, decent markers, oil pastels, some book, and some other crap.
O - My new and current sewing project, started Sunday night. Apparently I'm into finishing things now because I finished the 3 ears of corn I started a few weeks for painting.
P - Human anatomy brooch.
Q - In-progress brooch. The pieces are very tiny and probably impossible for you to discern.
R - My spring break to-do list.
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[13 Feb 2006|10:12am]

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[20 Dec 2005|06:23pm]
look at my animal crossing: wild world character hanging out in his home! he's such a hipster faggot cliché and i guess, by extension, so am i.

this game is such a scourge upon my life! well, maybe that's being a little melodramatic but it's certainly a scourge upon my winter break.
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[14 Dec 2005|12:24pm]
this is a longshot, but do any of you have a nintendo DS and animal crossing: wild world?
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T_T [12 Dec 2005|03:04pm]
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[05 Dec 2005|03:32pm]
this weekend i learned of the existence of iris wildthyme, a character from the non-canonical doctor who audio plays, novels, and short stories and it totally blew my mind. i could have just said she was from the whoniverse but that sounds queer as fuck. in some of the audio plays, this character is played by katy manning, a former companion to the third doctor, john pertwee. she's also well-known for her infamous nude photospread with a dalek. when you see the details of this character, i think you'll understand why she totally blows my mind.

iris wildthyme is the opposite of the doctor and constructed as a sort of meta-commentary on his character and sex and the nature of the fictional work and other such bullshit. here are some key traits of iris wildthyme:

  • is female, duh.

  • forcibly abducts her companions.

  • companions are all gay men.

  • travels around in a TARDIS that looks like a double-decker bus that is smaller on the inside than on the outside.

if my belief in her is strong enough, i feel as if she will achieve tangibility in this universe and forcibly abduct me.

in other news, school is almost over, the sarah silverman movie is retarded, aeon flux is not, and my shitted english class is ALREADY OVER.
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this entry is complain-y and retarded. [30 Nov 2005|12:07pm]
sheesh, kharma is SO not kind to those who speak ill of the retarded [see previous entry]. this morning i woke up and smelled a foul odor coming from the litterbox, whereupon closer examination i noticed two had WORMS! MOTHERFUCKING WORMS!!! who the hell wants to deal with that shit in the morning? getting the correct medicine and diagnosing her [she had tapeworms, one of 3 possible types] was easy but i feared giving her the pills. see, two is a sweet cat but she's also a complete brat and i thought i could take her to the vet and have them do it. when in doubt, pay or ask someone politely to do something you'd rather not do. but she wouldn't get into the box so i had to leave her at home. doors were slammed, cats were put on notice, and curses were uttered during the drive. the vet's only suggestion was putting the pills in tuna, as if that thought hadn't occurred to me. i mean, i figured that would work but i just didn't want to try.

after leaving pets are people too [shitted], i went to publix where i treated myself to a chicken tenders meal, an icebox cheesecake [the best thing you will EVER eat!] and some canned meats for the cat. i hadn't counted on her INSANE GLUTTONY and she ate all six pieces of the pills encased in fish balls and licked the plate clean. she went from being on notice to best kitty ever in about 3 minutes.

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i say a little prayer for.....ME [29 Nov 2005|02:31pm]
sometimes, when i get a little down, i like to imagine i'm one of the people in a burt bacharach song. as an atheist, i feel uncomfortable trying to live out the lyrics to "i say a little prayer." no, i imagine myself as the sexist [and slightly mysogynistic] straight breadwinner who sings stuff like "don't think just because there's a ring on your finger, you needn't try anymore". it's so easy to lose myself in the world where there are pretty girls at the office and men will always be men from "wives and lovers."

but when i'm feeling a tinge of masochism mixed with my sadness, i imagine myself as the dumped guy in "a house is hot a home." while i can't argue with the ironclad logic that a chair is not a house, i'm most attracted to the desperation and devotion of the singer. he's devastated but all he wants is that chance to put to put things right and honestly, haven't we all been there?

but more often than not, i imagine myself as the executive secretary sandra bernhard imagines herself to be in without you, i'm nothing. what a mindfuck! and you should definitely click on that link to download that clip from the movie.

"my chintz fold-out couch looks like a million bucks in my studio apartment, as do my split bamboo curtains from pier one imports!"

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[13 Nov 2005|07:17pm]
i just shit myself:

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ack! [29 Oct 2005|02:11am]
whoa, actor rupert perry-jones totally stole my face! we look so much like each other in this picture it's seriously fucking with my head.

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destroying everything i touch. [21 Oct 2005|02:41pm]
i just got back from michaels where i dropped some serious cash and had an all-around enjoyable experience.

however, on the way there i had a [justified] fit of road rage at the intersection of peachtree and um, i think it's the prado. you know, that shell station at the entrance to the ansley park neighborhood? and since the object of my rage left me stuck sitting at the red light, i was totally getting the "WELL, I NEVER!" stare-down from some lady at one of full-service pumps.

and if that wasn't bad enough, i did an unspeakable thing at hancock fabrics. they had a sale on pom pom balls [20% off] so i grabbed a few bags and picked out some lovely black fake fur [with which to make an aquatic ape], but neglected to notice the price per yard. after i received my cutting and price tag i totally balked, retreated to an empty corner where i unloaded my goods, and fled the store. i am so filled with shame right now.

and i wish i'd kept the pom poms.

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anything that may delay you might just, save you. [09 Oct 2005|08:46pm]
i hope i get to write something like "the classic educational tradition has involved men's opinions on the actions of other men and this man on man action undermines women and ethnic minorities" on my midterm tuesday. in other news, i don't want to take this midterm.

i'm not really into the new ladytron album at all except for the song "destroy everything you touch" which i've listened to many times already.

our television is broken, like, one of the rear projection mirrors (the red to be exact) is off and the image is distorted. an air of utter sadness and hopelessness has permeated our house because of this.

is reverend_runt legally liable, as a doctor, for letting me smoke two cigarettes when he knew i was an asthmatic? i smell a lucrative cash settlement from his [abortive] efforts to avoid the probing tentacles of hello! magazine. how embarrassing!

today at the gym i saw the faintest hint of a vein under my tilda swinton-esque skin when i was doing bicep curls. tee hee. but it was probably just an optical illusion.

i want a savage pizza veggie pizza, a walnut maki from ru-san's, and cookies from star provisions bakery.

diana ratvitch sounds like a bitch but she makes some good points, i suppose.


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[30 Sep 2005|01:55pm]
i'm not the biggest fan of reality television but martha stewart's apprentice had me in its iron claws from the title sequence.

i'm sure you'll agree!

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[22 Sep 2005|08:49pm]
oh holy goddess! i have recently resolved my technical problems with facebook and i am UTTERLY ADDICTED! it's like what friendster used to be when it wasn't overrun with all those stupid ads and it doesn't make your eyes bleed like myspace.

can i add folks from other schools and shit? please advise, y'all!

i'm ajackson9 {AT} student {DOT} gsu {DOT} edu, if that helps 'cause i cannot work this search function to save my life.
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[21 Sep 2005|01:24pm]
i visited grady high school this morning and i'd like to say something without sounding too stand and deliver or dead poets society. this decision to pursue teaching is totally, 100% worth it even if i end up losing all my money before i get a teaching job and wind up working at taco bell.

now i want taco bell.

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g.b.i.t. = goddess bless, it's thursday! [08 Sep 2005|03:21pm]
3 things:

1. our next door neighbors with the obnoxious barking dogs got evicted this morning. when i came home from school i saw their belongings piled on in their ex-front yard. two people were walking by and clearly curious about the pile o' trash because they couldn't stop staring. as i passed in front of them, walking towards my front door, i said "lovely" in a despicable tone; they smiled and chuckled.

2. my current favorite feeling in the world is when i leave my last class on tuesdays and thursdays and sit on the steps of the art and humanities building eating my homemade grilled chicken sandwich. i love eating slowly in the shade and just resting before i head to my car to get my gym bag before going for a swim and a run. i love this time because i don't have to be back to school on tuesdays and thursdays for 27 and 75 hours, respectively.

3. boys need to be less timid about changing in a locker room. why in the name of all that is pure and holy would you bring your backpack into the shower area with you and enter the shower stall fully dressed, only undressing when behind the door? are you covered in fur, scales, cystic acne? give me a break, prude!
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[06 Sep 2005|04:51pm]

hi, remember me? i'm trying hard not to completely disappear from livejournal because my routine has changed so severely. this is the third week of school and that's going well, although taking freshman classes that didn't transfer correctly is so very jerri blank. next semester will be more fun, i think. so um, yeah, most of the kids are nice and normal, a few kids are assholes, and most of the boys make me stare conspicuously.

awesome things about being old and still in college:

  • better savings

  • now have a macintosh computer

  • bigger tv

  • invention of the ipod

  • own 2 cats

  • completely divorced from the social aspect of school = no self-consciousness

things that totally suck about being old and STILL in college:

  • i feel that first sentence explains things really well.

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[07 Aug 2005|05:13pm]
[ mood | cottage cheese ]

time enough at last!

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[07 Aug 2005|02:50pm]
i am such an asshole to people who park in our driveway, whether i'm trying to park there or just sitting at home.

welcome to midtown, chumps.
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