spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

hi, remember me? i'm trying hard not to completely disappear from livejournal because my routine has changed so severely. this is the third week of school and that's going well, although taking freshman classes that didn't transfer correctly is so very jerri blank. next semester will be more fun, i think. so um, yeah, most of the kids are nice and normal, a few kids are assholes, and most of the boys make me stare conspicuously.

awesome things about being old and still in college:

  • better savings

  • now have a macintosh computer

  • bigger tv

  • invention of the ipod

  • own 2 cats

  • completely divorced from the social aspect of school = no self-consciousness

things that totally suck about being old and STILL in college:

  • i feel that first sentence explains things really well.

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