spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

g.b.i.t. = goddess bless, it's thursday!

3 things:

1. our next door neighbors with the obnoxious barking dogs got evicted this morning. when i came home from school i saw their belongings piled on in their ex-front yard. two people were walking by and clearly curious about the pile o' trash because they couldn't stop staring. as i passed in front of them, walking towards my front door, i said "lovely" in a despicable tone; they smiled and chuckled.

2. my current favorite feeling in the world is when i leave my last class on tuesdays and thursdays and sit on the steps of the art and humanities building eating my homemade grilled chicken sandwich. i love eating slowly in the shade and just resting before i head to my car to get my gym bag before going for a swim and a run. i love this time because i don't have to be back to school on tuesdays and thursdays for 27 and 75 hours, respectively.

3. boys need to be less timid about changing in a locker room. why in the name of all that is pure and holy would you bring your backpack into the shower area with you and enter the shower stall fully dressed, only undressing when behind the door? are you covered in fur, scales, cystic acne? give me a break, prude!
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