spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

i say a little prayer for.....ME

sometimes, when i get a little down, i like to imagine i'm one of the people in a burt bacharach song. as an atheist, i feel uncomfortable trying to live out the lyrics to "i say a little prayer." no, i imagine myself as the sexist [and slightly mysogynistic] straight breadwinner who sings stuff like "don't think just because there's a ring on your finger, you needn't try anymore". it's so easy to lose myself in the world where there are pretty girls at the office and men will always be men from "wives and lovers."

but when i'm feeling a tinge of masochism mixed with my sadness, i imagine myself as the dumped guy in "a house is hot a home." while i can't argue with the ironclad logic that a chair is not a house, i'm most attracted to the desperation and devotion of the singer. he's devastated but all he wants is that chance to put to put things right and honestly, haven't we all been there?

but more often than not, i imagine myself as the executive secretary sandra bernhard imagines herself to be in without you, i'm nothing. what a mindfuck! and you should definitely click on that link to download that clip from the movie.

"my chintz fold-out couch looks like a million bucks in my studio apartment, as do my split bamboo curtains from pier one imports!"

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