spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

this entry is complain-y and retarded.

sheesh, kharma is SO not kind to those who speak ill of the retarded [see previous entry]. this morning i woke up and smelled a foul odor coming from the litterbox, whereupon closer examination i noticed two had WORMS! MOTHERFUCKING WORMS!!! who the hell wants to deal with that shit in the morning? getting the correct medicine and diagnosing her [she had tapeworms, one of 3 possible types] was easy but i feared giving her the pills. see, two is a sweet cat but she's also a complete brat and i thought i could take her to the vet and have them do it. when in doubt, pay or ask someone politely to do something you'd rather not do. but she wouldn't get into the box so i had to leave her at home. doors were slammed, cats were put on notice, and curses were uttered during the drive. the vet's only suggestion was putting the pills in tuna, as if that thought hadn't occurred to me. i mean, i figured that would work but i just didn't want to try.

after leaving pets are people too [shitted], i went to publix where i treated myself to a chicken tenders meal, an icebox cheesecake [the best thing you will EVER eat!] and some canned meats for the cat. i hadn't counted on her INSANE GLUTTONY and she ate all six pieces of the pills encased in fish balls and licked the plate clean. she went from being on notice to best kitty ever in about 3 minutes.

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dude its not cool of you to stalk my ass at work SICKOPATH!
i think you were taking a break to eat something, a very common occurrence.
OMGoddess! I'm afraid to ask what wicked deeds of yours have caused Tilda to visit such pestilence on your kitten!

Tilda be praised!
Um, what the fuck did you just say??!! You wanna see pestilence?
ms. s, i'm happy to see we're finally electronic friends.
Tilda be ever praised!
Two is hypnotizing me.
she is keeper of the magycks.
i woke up in jims bed.
chapter 1: the jimini killer.
chapter 2: worms
you totally got the play-by-play worm update.
So did her ass eject this huge writhing mass of worms after the medication?
before, prompting me to freak out and medicate her.
We discovered our puppy had worms by noticing a few of them when she shit. We gave her the meds the vet gave us and soon after she shat out the source of the couple of stragglers we'd seen before. It was the aforementioned huge writhing mass of worms.


11 years ago

I prefer the shove the pills down the throat method. It works even with the most difficult cat. You just have to manhandle them a bit.
no, that is not possible with my cat, i promise. she cannot be manhandled and the food option works way, way too well.
I thought I had you as my LJ friend, but as I was avoiding work by browsing revernd runt's friends page I was like, wait a second..."

Am I supposed to ask permission to add you? I forget, and I didn't ask.
people like you don't need to ask permission! i've actually wanted to become your electronic friend for a while now but i was shy and bashful.
Awww, you are too sweet. Yay!

I just realized that this is the second time in the last week that tapeworms have been a topic for me. Maybe the cosmic energy is trying to push me towards getting a tapeworm since I'm so lazy but I still like to eat?? Box one up, I'll give you my FedEx number!!
and you're the second person to ask for a piece! this type can only be transmitted by eating fleas so an easier way would be to buy a cat, let it play outside and get fleas, then eat the fleas. and i already cleaned out her catbox. T_T


11 years ago


11 years ago

tapeworms come from fleas.

my cat had the worms falling out of her ass. the vet said all that was actually pieces of one really long worm. yum.

i know, from eating the fleas and shit! isn't that so fucking nasty?

i read that too, that's how i diagnosed them as tape worms, which we don't have medication for at the house. can you imagine how big the actual worm is? if she expels it i will puke for a 1000 years because those writhing pieces were so nasty, yet hypnotic. T_T
Why are you being so squeamish???
I have worms, thats why I don't have to diet.