spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

this weekend i learned of the existence of iris wildthyme, a character from the non-canonical doctor who audio plays, novels, and short stories and it totally blew my mind. i could have just said she was from the whoniverse but that sounds queer as fuck. in some of the audio plays, this character is played by katy manning, a former companion to the third doctor, john pertwee. she's also well-known for her infamous nude photospread with a dalek. when you see the details of this character, i think you'll understand why she totally blows my mind.

iris wildthyme is the opposite of the doctor and constructed as a sort of meta-commentary on his character and sex and the nature of the fictional work and other such bullshit. here are some key traits of iris wildthyme:

  • is female, duh.

  • forcibly abducts her companions.

  • companions are all gay men.

  • travels around in a TARDIS that looks like a double-decker bus that is smaller on the inside than on the outside.

if my belief in her is strong enough, i feel as if she will achieve tangibility in this universe and forcibly abduct me.

in other news, school is almost over, the sarah silverman movie is retarded, aeon flux is not, and my shitted english class is ALREADY OVER.
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