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I'm feeling unfocused, unwashed, and chilly today so I'm following in the foot steps of some great ladies and posting a picture of my desk. Maybe now I can muster the energy to drive to Chamblee and buy more terra cotta.


A - A teacher's sample for a lesson plan.
B - Part of the display for the same lesson plan. This has been turned in and is now classified as "trash."
C - A brooch.
D - Time magazine, saved to read the story about rapes and suspicious disappearances aboard cruise ships.
E - Without You I'm Nothing DVD, watched frequently.
F - Cone 04 Terra Cotta test tiles. They're decorated with Amaco Gold Lustre, K & L Clear (shitted), and white slip.
G - Mouse pad from Body Worlds.
H - Lucite tape dispenser and stapler set that worked out better in theory than in practice.
I - Lego "supercomputer", modeled after the type I made as a child, for use in annotated paintings.
J - Skull latch hook rug.
K - John Currin print out, which should be thrown away or taken down because it looks dumb.
L - Banana, oil on canvas.
M - Human anatomy toy, one of 19, purchased from the Dollar Tree.
N - Boxers from J-Crew, a Christmas gift from mom. They sit atop a pile containing: watercolor pencils, crayons, shitted markers, decent markers, oil pastels, some book, and some other crap.
O - My new and current sewing project, started Sunday night. Apparently I'm into finishing things now because I finished the 3 ears of corn I started a few weeks for painting.
P - Human anatomy brooch.
Q - In-progress brooch. The pieces are very tiny and probably impossible for you to discern.
R - My spring break to-do list.
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