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more wicked witchery than stevie nicks

spooky roller disco
9 November
aimee mann, alex katz, alice neel, amanda grace, any and all clichés, art history, arthur c. clarke, barbarella, beck, bendito chavez, black box recorder, blair magazine, blonde redhead, buffy the vampire slayer, burt bacharach, cat power, cautionary tales, chapterhouse, chico & chang's, christopher meloni, cinerama, cross stitch, cyndi lauper, deep space nine, deery lou, depeche mode, dionne warwick, dressy bessy, easy listening music [sans.irony], elmer's glue, erasure, eva hesse, exceptionally good cabaret acts, felt, figurine, flin flon, floraline, futurama, future bible heroes, girls at our best, goldfrapp, grandaddy, having/eating my cake, heavenly, highly productive early mornings, human anatomy, indie pop, indie rock, isaac asimov, jem and the holograms, john waters, joseph beuys, kiki & herb, komeda, kozy shack rice puddings, kraftwerk, ladytron, lamb, latch hook, le tigre, liz phair, macs [but not mac-maniacs], macs especially for aesthetics, madonna, manuel tavern's french dip, marisol [the pop artist], mix tapes, modeling clay, morrissey, movies in fast-forward, my favorite, new order, nintendo, number two with chicken, occasionally having a beard, omd, painting, peaches, pet shop boys, pictures of the television, pinback, pipe cleaners, playmobil, polka dots, pop art, printed circuit, pulp, quasi-eidetic memories, readymade magazine, ricky swallow, rob crow, robots, running, sacred order of h.l.i., saint etienne, salt-n-pepa, sanrio, science fiction, secret geniuses acting ditzy, secret shine, secular humanism, sewing, soviet, star trek, stargate sg1, stereo total, stick-shift station wagons, super nintendo, sushi from chinese buffets, swimming, synthpop, taco bell, talking heads, the 6ths, the b-52's, the breeders, the cardigans, the color pink, the human league, the magnetic fields, the occasional casserole, the outer limits, the pixies, the shangri-las, the simpsons, the smiths, the sweeney sisters, thingy, throwing muses, tivo, trader vic's, truly having a cassandra-complex, vanity 6, wayne thiebaud, what if...? scenarios, yaz, yo la tengo