spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

anything that may delay you might just, save you.

i hope i get to write something like "the classic educational tradition has involved men's opinions on the actions of other men and this man on man action undermines women and ethnic minorities" on my midterm tuesday. in other news, i don't want to take this midterm.

i'm not really into the new ladytron album at all except for the song "destroy everything you touch" which i've listened to many times already.

our television is broken, like, one of the rear projection mirrors (the red to be exact) is off and the image is distorted. an air of utter sadness and hopelessness has permeated our house because of this.

is reverend_runt legally liable, as a doctor, for letting me smoke two cigarettes when he knew i was an asthmatic? i smell a lucrative cash settlement from his [abortive] efforts to avoid the probing tentacles of hello! magazine. how embarrassing!

today at the gym i saw the faintest hint of a vein under my tilda swinton-esque skin when i was doing bicep curls. tee hee. but it was probably just an optical illusion.

i want a savage pizza veggie pizza, a walnut maki from ru-san's, and cookies from star provisions bakery.

diana ratvitch sounds like a bitch but she makes some good points, i suppose.


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