spooky roller disco (no_pants_island) wrote,
spooky roller disco

this entry is complain-y and retarded.

sheesh, kharma is SO not kind to those who speak ill of the retarded [see previous entry]. this morning i woke up and smelled a foul odor coming from the litterbox, whereupon closer examination i noticed two had WORMS! MOTHERFUCKING WORMS!!! who the hell wants to deal with that shit in the morning? getting the correct medicine and diagnosing her [she had tapeworms, one of 3 possible types] was easy but i feared giving her the pills. see, two is a sweet cat but she's also a complete brat and i thought i could take her to the vet and have them do it. when in doubt, pay or ask someone politely to do something you'd rather not do. but she wouldn't get into the box so i had to leave her at home. doors were slammed, cats were put on notice, and curses were uttered during the drive. the vet's only suggestion was putting the pills in tuna, as if that thought hadn't occurred to me. i mean, i figured that would work but i just didn't want to try.

after leaving pets are people too [shitted], i went to publix where i treated myself to a chicken tenders meal, an icebox cheesecake [the best thing you will EVER eat!] and some canned meats for the cat. i hadn't counted on her INSANE GLUTTONY and she ate all six pieces of the pills encased in fish balls and licked the plate clean. she went from being on notice to best kitty ever in about 3 minutes.

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